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I started visiting Jennifer for acupuncture to address shoulder and neck pain, which she has completely resolved through acupuncture and cupping. At that time I was also introduced to Subconscious Imprinting, through this technique Jennifer has helped let go of some long held beliefs about myself. Issues that did not come up in years of therapy as I would not have thought they impacted me. When addressed it allowed me to transform relationships in my life and release long held feelings and limitations. Subconscious imprinting with Jennifer has become part of my self care routine that I am so grateful to have found!


Had to give you an update....

Woke up with no trace of a headache after having one every single day, I feel 10 pounds lighter and very clear headed/happy

What a great change! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ll definitely be booking in when you’re back, let’s see what else we can dig up.


I can’t recommend having an appointment with Jen enough! I have tried a few different types of therapy and natural healing modalities but my subconscious imprinting appointments were by far the most effective. I felt so at peace in my mind and body after my sessions with her. I feel like everyone needs to know about how powerful this work is!


I went to Jen on a recommendation and personal interest in the acupuncture and subconscious imprinting. I wasn’t overly sure what to expect. When I left my session I felt more at ease and peace with my mind, and my body was able to relax from tensions that I didn’t even know I was holding onto. I highly recommend JL acupuncture to everyone I speak with! She is very professional and made me feel so comfortable through the whole process.


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